Friday, December 4, 2009

Development Update

Development work on MDID 3 has continued throughout the summer and fall and we have made significant progress with the application core and frontend support. The MDID user interface and management tools are only partially complete at this time and require some additional work.

At this time we are targeting the 2010 Annual VRA Conference in March for the official release.

We are also experimenting with MDID 3 as the backend for different multimedia web applications here at JMU. We will shortly switch JMUtube, our faculty video site, to use MDID 3 as the data management system. The Shenandoah Valley Oral History Project will be another showcase for this new functionality.


  1. We are currently evaluating mdid3 via the Google Code download and have run into several issues getting it to work on Linux. While I got the application installed/running, there are sevasl bugs (ie trying to create a new collections doesn't seem to do anything, however I can successfully create new users).

    I realize this is alpha code, but was wondering how usable the code on Google Code running on Linux should be?? Thanks

  2. Greg - a lot of features are not implemented yet in the code base that is on Google. The main features that are mostly functioning are the migration tool and the content discovery tools. We'll have more features available in the coming weeks, as we are moving to work on administrative tools at this time.