Friday, July 2, 2010

Instructions for Installing MDID3 on Windows 2008

Instructions for installing MDID3 on Windows 2008 are now available. Also look at Upgrading from MDID2.

MDID3 is still in development. A number of features required for use in a live production environment are not yet complete.  These include remote collection sharing, remote collection searching, presentation packaging, user management, streaming video, etc.  We recommend that you continue to use (or start using) MDID2 in production until these features are completed. To make this easy, we are distributing MDID3 with a migration tool that allows you to periodically copy your MDID2 data into MDID3 (note that data cannot be copied from MDID3 to MDID2). In this way you can run both versions in parallel for the purposes of evaluating and testing MDID3.

Please report bugs in the software or problems with the installation instructions to  We ask everybody to refrain from submitting new feature requests or asking about release dates for particular features at this time.  We will announce new features as they become available. Upgrading MDID3 from one version to a newer version will be easy.

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